What better way to blog about writing at work than to do it while at work?

I find myself with a spare eighteen minutes, so why not?

But first, let me clear the air. In my case, I have no personal qualms about using work time to write. I’m salaried, and trust me when I say that with all the sacrificed lunch half-hours, after-work or before-work hours, and weekend hours, I can spare an hour here or there without feeling guilty about it, when I can afford it.

That said, I find a lot of benefits to writing at work. Like right now, I’m down to sixteen minutes. I’m way more focused than I would be while trying to write at home, where all the pretty sights out the window could distract me at any moment, such as the sunset, the skyline, or one of my neighbors parading around naked in front of their window.

I also find that taking a moment to write while I’m at work refreshes me. It’s like a little mental nap. I’m in a better mood the rest of the day, and have more positive interactions with people. Even if I’m not writing, it helps me just to think about writing. It’s a little piece of escape.

Plus, I teach writing, so in a way, I can consider it practice. I’m setting a good example for my students. (See paragraph four on why I have no guilt).

Here is something that really surprised me, though. I started writing in earnest last April. I made an effort to write daily, and I followed through. I had the expectation that when summer hit and I had some time off work, I’d be able to devote a lot more time to writing. With so much more time, I’d make a great deal more progress, my creative juices would be flowing to the max without distraction, and wouldn’t it be just grand?

Well, it didn’t happen like that. I wrote, but I didn’t write any more than I did during the school year. In fact, I felt a bit creatively hampered. I like my job, but I never realized how much it inspires me creatively. Now that school is back in session, I’m getting back to my old routine, writing more, and finding that what I do write comes easier to me than it did over the summertime.

In the back of my mind, I have that “what if…” idea. What if I could make enough money to write full-time? Would I do it? The dream is a pleasant one. But maybe I need to be careful what I wish for.

I seem to get more inspiration writing at work, or after work, or during the months I am working, than I do when my time is my own. Go figure.

In closing, I just had an “oh shit” moment where I realized I needed to make some copies in the next eight minutes (that’s how long I have left). This is one of the hazards of getting wrapped up in writing at work. Thankfully, I just discovered I made enough copies last week to last for quite a while. Remember, it always helps to think ahead when you write at work. So go to it!