venus-1221361I haven’t always been a fan of MMA; my interest has grown from my days of playing Street Fighter 2. That interest has continued to grow but never have I been as excited for a fight as I was last night for the Rousey/Holms match of UFC 193. It was the first time I shelled out the $60 to watch the whole ticket live at home, and not at a bar or via online snippets and highlights—or waiting for the DVD.

The fight did not disappoint. It was an amazing match, though the outcome wasn’t what most expected—but that’s what made it good! It’s exciting to see such raw talent—it’s awesome in the literal sense, because watching it puts me in awe. I’m not a fighter, but it’s something I admire. That four female fighters headlined UFC 193, and produced better matches than any of the men fighting in the lead-up matches, was awe inspiring indeed.

Did I mention that my go-to character in Street Fighter 2 was always Chun-Li? I have a hard-on for women that can kick ass. The only thing I have a bigger hard-on for is hot man-on-man sex, which is why the main characters in my current works are not women like Ronda Rousey or Holly Holm. I do love having strong secondary female characters, and someday I vow to write a female action hero. For the love of all things Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you can count on it. My love of Buffy has led me to a love of Mercy Thompson, Jane Yellowrock and Kate Daniels.

Even as a fan and admirer, though, I’ve found myself having to watch my language. I had the urge to call it a “chick fight,” which did not go over well with my friends when I brought it up for discussion. Someone said that’s as demeaning to women as “Two Girls, One Cup.” Just call it a “female fight,” they urged, but then another suggested an even better option: just call it a fight.

Last night was an amazing fight. You should totally check it out.