blog-1242038You’ll have to forgive my delay in blogging. (Not that anyone cares, except for my most loyal reader. Hi mom!) I’ve entered forensics season, and as a coach, my time has been pretty limited. I have a ton of editing blogs saved up because I’ve been doing major editing in the last months, but since I’m still in the process, I don’t feel like polishing up an essay about editing. Not while I’m editing.

So I looked at my one lone blog entry for the month of February and decided I should put another one out there. All this good advice on Twitter and other blogs say you should be really regular with your blog. Whatever. I’m going to keep it something that I enjoy and not stress about it. Sometimes good advice only succeeds in making you feel bad. I’m not about to let that happen.

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about writing vs. work. I’m using work as an excuse for not writing a blog, but truthfully I don’t feel I need an excuse. I don’t want to sound like, “Oh, I’d really love to be writing but I have this day job and it’s totally a drag…” I don’t feel that way. Not much.

I actually love my job as a whole. Even if I made enough money writing, I’m not sure I could give up teaching. Scratch that—I know I couldn’t. Like any other aspect of my life, my work life enriches my writing. Just today, on the last day of Black History Month, my school put on a black history program. As I was watching, I thought to myself, how lucky am I to be able to see this? How many people get to see kids put on a black history program in the inner city? It wasn’t all polished, the kids weren’t all well-behaved, and yet the positives really overwhelmed everything else. And do you know what? It was real. I got to see something authentic, and heartfelt, and saw all the flaws along with the successes. And it energized me.

I am very stringent about leaving work at work. I don’t talk about it when I’m at home. And I don’t want to let work overwhelm my life. I need me time, and writing time, and reading time—not much of a social life lately, but I don’t miss it. Then there’s times like forensics season where I have to give up an entire day on the weekend and it SUCKS. But not really. Because forensics is awesome. I love coaching kids and seeing them perform. I love to watch how language enriches their lives and helps them grow. I also love that all my students in the prose category took my suggestions for pieces, and now every weekend their entire audience is exposed to the scariest parts of some of my favorite books. 6th graders across the city are being read Clive Barker.

So, no excuses. Sometimes my blogs won’t come regularly because I’m enriching my life in other areas. I don’t love being busy. I’ll tell you that forensics season SUCKS, and it kinda does, but only because there’s not eight days in a week.

Nine would be even better.