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Check Out This Guy: Anthony “Showtime” Pettis

Anthony Pettis-It's Showtime!

Anthony Pettis-It’s Showtime!

Beyond a doubt my favorite fighter. I didn’t want to break any copyrights, so here’s some shots I took at UFC Boston, but you should definitely do this Google search for some better pics. And bonus–he has a little brother getting in on the action, too.

Pettis with the knee!

Pettis with the knee!

 Glossary of MMA Terms

There’s a lot of these out there, but this one is a handy basic.

MMA Fighter Ruins Opponent with Flying Side-Flip Stomp to Groin

I watch a lot of video to help me write my fight scenes. Unfortunately, I could never use this one, because no one would believe it’s possible. Also, ouch.

This is One Good Fight

The UFC is notorious for their copyrights, and you can get free vids, but they change all the time, so I end up having to correct this link frequently with a new match. If for some reason the link is broken, feel free to let me know via my contact page. I try to pick a fight that’s got multiple aspects of attack and defense, and some guys that aren’t too hard on the eyes, so check this out: