Short Fiction

typewriterI began writing these stories when I was sixteen, all the way through grad-school (so they are definitely more literary fiction than what my Shadow Fray series might indicate). It was always my intention to put the stories together. Even though the main character’s name might change, I was always writing about the same character at different stages in life. This would have been my master’s project in creative writing if I hadn’t stopped just shy of finishing so that I could get my teaching license. I’m totally glad I got my teaching license, but it would have been nice if I’d found a way to do both, or go back. Anyway, I’m happy to present them together here, in order. Feel free to download the docx and e-mail it to your e-reader for more comfortable reading.

The Hole (pdf)The Hole (docx) / The Hole (web)

Cold Water (pdf) / Cold Water (docx) / Cold Water (web)

White (pdf) / White (docx) / White (web)

Another Safe Day (pdf) / Another Safe Day (docx) / Another Safe Day (web)

Chivalry (pdf) / Chivalry (docx) / Chivalry (web)

Friends from Gainesville (pdf) / Friends from Gainesville (docx) / Friends from Gainesville (web)