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Why you should watch MMA #1: Hold the Blood, Hold Your Mud

People like this sport. They really do. All kinds of people, not just the gun-toting, confederate-flag waving guys that were a primary audience early on (that last sentence I’m paraphrasing from memory of L. John Werthheim’s Blood in the Cage, a book about the rise of the UFC). Since I’m a gay guy in the…

#my1stUFC – Sights and Sounds of Arena Fighting

My first UFC was fucking awesome. That I used the word “fucking” should tell you just how awesome it was, because my mom reads these blogs, and I used it anyway. You can check out my live tweets at the hashtag in the title, but I’ll go over some of my impressions more in depth….

Two Girls, One Octagon

I haven’t always been a fan of MMA; my interest has grown from my days of playing Street Fighter 2. That interest has continued to grow but never have I been as excited for a fight as I was last night for the Rousey/Holms match of UFC 193. It was the first time I shelled…